Thursday, October 20, 2011

summer sketch bookers

My weak summer sketchbook. the few things that I like in it.... well kinda like
 I still need more mileage in painting. the more I look at these the less I like them, but I did have fun pretending to paint.

my animals and stuff. I should go to the zoo more often... Maybe it will be a new years resolution or something. 

buildings were cool to do.

looking back at my small weak summer sketchbook I realize that I need to get a better work ethic. nothing in the sketchbook screams awesomeness. I need to express better Ideas and personality in it, I don't know.... I think it was just missing the heart. to me it feels like I was just trying to study and get it over with more than anything. every time I look at it words spin in my head "I need to redeem myself". hmmm...maybe next year. 


  1. Need heart ehhhhh...I can give yah some of miine >:D lol i kid i kid. You got this brah!

  2. I agree with Diem!! YOU GOT THIS!!! You're so passionate at studying, man!! I think if you put your passion into trying new things, you would open new doors!! ^^ GO GO GO!!